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Friday, October 26, 2012


I am surrounded by your warmth and I know it's stupid for me to be giddy but I can't help it
I walk across campus, sliently saying to passerby, ask me
Imagining a note taped to my back, no "kick me"s any more no no not for this girl
I don't even remember how I got to class, it's hard to remember what steps you used to take once you start floating
At my desk, I don't listen but rather memorize the way fleece pools at the back of my chair, waiting
I walk outside, my skin and my hair, everything is you you you you you
I hate being trapped in this inbetween but it's the only place that things havent definitively crashed and started burning
So I allow myself  because I know myself and I am standing on a hill
Leaning, soon to tumble so what do I do do nothing
Or can I confess to you like every ingenue and never look back
I don't even want to finish this sentence anymore cus Im the last picked on the team
my fingers are weary from reaching and all I want to do is sleep
but I cant I cant I cant everything Ive never done holds my eyelids open
I wish I could just take my lungs and sew them shut and be the problem solver

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