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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

To Be Read, Frantic.

Some combination of nicotine and cannabis and alchohol
Pushes me through the sun to get to you.
I drink my sorrows. Bass beneath the blind
Tip me from that jar of potent brew.

Shaded. Not prideful, no curtains
Kiss me beneath the slide of sweeping fate
Find me so slovenly, stones throw
Scratches hard on water, slate on slate.

I am not made to bend but I curve straight lines for you
Shattered resolved melted into snow
And you are a wall, a mountain, an ocean
Slipping through me, bliss, unsteady flow

I do not want this. I don't want you.
Fickle gazes across brows, cast aside
I can't have you parcelled , appease me with pieces
Warrant me whole to you and I'll abide

Take my hand, take my blood, take me and slather
Spread me across your soul til we are one
Weaving passion ascended, holy flight
Sparks of light embedded behind the sun.

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