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Sunday, October 7, 2012

For Alt Lit Mary and Juan

let's get reaallllly stoned
and sit in the shades of moonlight
toasting to what we once were.
curving fingers into palms and
stretching into beams of sunlight, lets coast
into a sky made of cotton, made for us
i don't want to live in the inbetween i don't want to skim the tops of our potentials
i want to lie on your bones like herbs on a mortar and pestle
and wrestle with each other's demons until we too are spent to sin.
or are too spent to sin
winningly we jest
stable is a word less defined by instability
tears are the cost of fresh baked bread.

lets get high, then
and twirl around like night terrors
or like birds so exotic people wonder where one ends and the other begins
 wonder if endings even matter
twisting to a burst of flame so bright
you wouldn't see it if you blinked too hard
take me into your arms, let me stay there
because love is a thing that you sqeeze underneath breaths.

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