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Saturday, January 12, 2013

One of our own to say

your fate is not for you, but for those who mete the plane.
go soft. go steady. they will wait on banks for you.
you are angles and razors
an untouchable daze or some sort of monster
and all i see around you is red and dust.
X? Uncross your arms,
you can't see what's ahead through your wrists.
the paths are laid, the fields are drawn
come leave those voices behind.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


we can only come together with moonlight
when She is watching over our intentions and desires
so nothing distracts us from the task at hand, at our feet.
kiss me finally at midnight, kiss me deep to turn the day
pressed against cold glass, frosty metal, wind on skin
but you are warm and we are here, alive
and nothing is more alive than we; two twentysomethings far from love
but near to bursting with intangible something, remarkable something
something deeper than thought, telling us to live and live and live
and live we do, for a moment, slammed into the doors of cars
for one fleet of dreams, we were idle, on the brink
the moon still looks on, too old to hide Her eyes
we are the history of Mankind embodied and wrapped in smoke and mirrors
bodies hot, heavy steam, holy water
there are no words, no nagging wishes and lost hopes
screaming supicions of guilty slopes
only you, only us, and we are only air,
made of things twisted in dirt
and from earth we are made 
and to earth we pay true tribute
and with earth we married lay,
until then we crash together again and again,
once or twice watched over 
hoping one time, hoping tonight
our pace matches ill-begotten stars

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Confession. or Concession.

it seems like every New Year I start it off my giving some dude a blowjob in some inopportune place
and I'm a firm believer in that my year is affected by the way I begin it
I mean start it off one way and it's kinda like why change who I am this year when I can do it later
how American of me
I feel like 2013 is code for "choke on it, bitch"
in one of those secret codes I used to make in 3rd grade
so no one could read my love letters to various snotty-nosed hellions
some things never change and now I'm writing lust letters with my tongue
letters to snotty-nosed hellions who just learned to bring tissue and got a little taller
mid blow-job I think about what I'm gonna do when I get home
like sleep mainly but also pee
i think about the scarf I'm crocheting and how I'm gonna buy more yarn soon
and how girls like me doing things like this are what's wrong with society
lastly I think about writing this down
and I get all sorts of ideas for what to write
and I'm kinda happy
so I guess blowing dudes for new years
sparks my creativity
for the rest of the year
a fair price, i think