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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lost and Found

Brace yourselves.
You. You in this space, in this time.
You, mountain among hills, stand tall.
Accept the sun and grow yourself, stretch high and reach your hands
This grass was meant for toes, it craves your weight
We were meant to hold down this earth.
Breathe in the breath that breaks you
Challenge the chains strapped on your back
Let your scars lift you up
Be a masterpiece unfinished;
lyrics to a song everyone’s singing but no one knows the real words to
a song, somewhere, somehow, about purpose.

Stop. I’ll ask, first:
What gifts do we have to offer without sincerity?
What hope can we ever have if all we recognize is prosperity
In numbers?
Stretched across the land are wonders so great your heart may not take it and all that’s on your plate is how to snag a dollar sign
Let me tell you: green bills will get you thrills but they make holes in your soul like a sieve on a kitchen counter.
Empty messages take precedence over connections 4 inches away from you and I wonder
What then, can make you full?
Is it your cars? Your fancy clothes,
fulfillment from a biweekly watermarked paper?
Are you blanketing shiny riches in resent?
Or do you sit, on your bed, hand over your beautiful, beating heart and ask:
“Is it realistic to ever feel content?”

Take my hand, give me purchase in skin
shake off your fear, I'll do it too
Help me let go of vanity, crisis of overloaded “selfies”
Dump my measly chump change in the river, we’ll change the view.
Feed me those deep night stars, pay me in moonlight and smiles in sunlight

Take my hand, we both can search for truth. 

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