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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


we come to you in your human beds
pick hands to wipe you clean
foreign concepts float above us, hovering
but we are not governed by the confines of flesh and bone.

what is your mind? fields of useless craving
we try saving you, en caving you
prevented by velvety loyalty, soft sorrow
this is alien to us, we are alien to you, hopelessly breathing.

simply: we must take you. your time is gone
potential and windowless rooms await
there is no discourse between you and fate
we wipe the slate. strip your fecund poise.

teetering now, you shudder. Hear that
sliding slipper-typhoon you trap within
the spirit of you.Coined in mysterious consonants
and you remain ever enshrouded.

come home. you body anew. leave back these worries
do what you were born for and take strength in what you should
these earthly things but weaken you. redouble on doubt like useless frontier lines
we are who you are in the trenches, you survive by naught but breath.

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