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Sunday, August 12, 2012


just now while peeing i saw a large ant.
my normal instinct is no smush it-- impose my human big-ness
but it wasn't harming me
and honestly i've just been too lazy
to give a fuckall anymore
so i watched
while it teetered across the floor
occaisionally hindered by the bathrug
but determined nonetheless
and i thought
what if thats me?
what if
the only thing keeping me from being smushed to death
is otherbeing laziness
and the fact that i haven't bitten the wrong leg?
and here i am
teetering across someones mildewed, piss-sprayed, blue-green bathrug
careening toward my death
if i'm lucky
an uncerimonious yet efficient stomping?

the ant reached the wall
i finished my pee

i think i felt it's body between my heel and the carpet


  1. Awesome.

    I really enjoyed the humor and the microcosm and the perfect ending.

  2. Jack,
    thanks! I aopopreaciate it.
    yeah, peeing often leads to interesting existential finds believe it or not.